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Beacon 20th March 2012

Back at the RVMYC this week for a ‘Mick the Boat’ inspired BBQ to hear from the Sea Shepherd warriers who having split from GreenPeace are going it alone to save the oceans of the world.  Even though we were light on for Gellibabies (not sure if it was lack of support or objection to the topic of the night) but this was made up for by a number of guests namely Crystal Gailbraith, our Guest speaker from the Sea Shepherd, Lilia Letsch, Australian co-ordinator of the Sea Shepherd, Melissa Meek-Jacobs, from Captain’s Retreat, Seema, a local resident, Michael Hurley, a guest from Captain’s Retreat,Tony Green, guest from Captain’s Retreat, Mary-Jane Benton, formerly of Williamstown Chamber of Commerce and our own Kathleen West, who will be our guest speaker next week.  And of course Léo Bégué was with us again together with late comers Janise Brooks and Cynthia Leman.

I must also thank PP Richard McKay for booking the BBQ space and providing access to the Motor Yach Club facilities.

To read full Beacon click here Beacon Volume 26 Bulletin No 33

Next weeks Meeting is at Santorini Restaurant 1 Parker St Williamstown at the normal time: meal cost $25 per head drinks at bar prices – Partners welcome – Apologies to Jim Grouios and let him know whether your partner is attending. 

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