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Beacon 21st August 2012

This week the Gellibabies along with Ellie Stevens and Judy Brown from the Daydreamers and a couple of her friends had a wonderful night at the Sun Theatre to see the action thriller The Bourne Legacy based on the book by Robert Ludlum  True to the Gellibabies tradition we were greeted with a fine selection of wine and beer to start the evening.  The lovely Kay wasn’t with us due to having been violently ill at an event the evening prior, I understand that she’s improving now.

The lolly lady came well prepared with snakes, jelly babies, milk buds the usual assortment that she magically produced from the depths of an oversized handbag that she realised later when finding another ticket stub that she hadn’t used for months. It is now known Faye and Jen always eat green snakes first, Faye never eats blue, black or white jelly beans, Jen and Mick won’t eat anything yellow and Sandra is not fussed.

We were served a dinner box which had so much food that it was impossible to eat it all.  Later on an ice cream came which none of us could say no to.

Everyone enjoyed such an action packed movie.  The movie lived up to the standard of the former Bourne movies. Set in Alaska, USA and Manilla it was full of action and had a plausible story.

The Pres thought that she would fall asleep but didn’t, Kevin raved about how great the movie was, Jen and hubby sat in the back row for obvious reasons according to Faye, and Geoff opined about the sequel to the film. Thanks to Faye for taking the Pres. Sandra & GK to the flicks. 


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