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Meeting every 1st and 3rd Tues of the month 6.30pm at the Customs House Hotel, 161 Nelson Place, Williamstown

Beacon 24th April 2012

This week  we Gellibabies thrashed the Yarravillians at Tenpin Bowls instead of our normal meeting and despite the challenge from the young set (our’s and their’s) we had to rely on the Olde Scribe to top score with 180 and bring the trophy home!!.  On a night when only the brave ventured out ( it was dark, cold, wet and windy) it was good to see that the spirit of Rotary cannot be extinguished but when we reflect on the many other things that are happening I thought we should have a beacon to update everyone. 

To read the full Beacon Click here Beacon Volume 26 Bulletin No 37

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