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Meeting every 1st and 3rd Tues of the month 6.30pm at the Customs House Hotel, 161 Nelson Place, Williamstown

Beacon 25th October 2011

We’re at it AGAIN (Don’t ask WHY!!) but it was Oktoberfest in Williamstown on the 25th October another excuse as if we need one for the Gellibabies to have fun

Despite the cold night a little part of Williamstown was turned into the Bear Gardens of Munich and fantastic German Cuisine and amber fluid were partaken with the spirit of adventure associated with the club.  Despite having to relocate for logistical reasons the night went off with a bang reminiscent of the ‘Eugene Nights’ of old thanks to PE Raimonda Krogmann, and Pres Ross Magor unt Frua Marlene 

Beacon Volume 26 Bulletin No 17

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