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Meeting every 1st and 3rd Tues of the month 6.30pm at the Customs House Hotel, 161 Nelson Place, Williamstown

Beacon 27th September 2011

President Ross extended a warm welcome to the 37 attendees including partners, Exchange student Leo, Britt (Helen Keating’s daughter), Matt (boyfriend), Julie Feehan (Helen’s sister) and guest speaker Ray Horsburgh.

Given it was her birthday Ross presented PE Raimonda with a crown and a bottle of her favourite Port.   Shows what can happen when you show up at Rotary on your birthday

As it was a footy theme night everyone came dressed in their Club regalia and a handball competition kicked off before the meeting commenced. The set would have done World of Sport proud. Bruce McCracken eventually won with a perfect score. Could be called up by the Bullies in 2012??

Beacon Volume 26 Bulletin No 14

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