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Meeting every 1st and 3rd Tues of the month 6.30pm at the Customs House Hotel, 161 Nelson Place, Williamstown

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This week:
Thankful for the RYCV air-conditioning on a sweltering night, we had two guest speakers.
And in line with the topic of one PP Faye proposed the toast to Women in Rotary,
President Kevin then welcomed us all and the guest speakers Ian Dickson President of the Williamstown Swimming and Life-saving Club and Rebecca Heitbaum to talk about the International Womens’ Day Breakfast. Shown here with the Pres and dual Chairs for the night Kay Didenkowski and PP Ron Coleman.

Arnold Sackville was also again welcomed as a guest and prospective member.
Kevin apparently lost 0.5 Kg walking in the heat today, not quite up to the world record of 5Kg lost by a man running down-hill away from a bushfire on Ash Wednesday, said Kay.

The next BBS committee meeting will be at RYCV on 4th Feb at 6pm.
We have 69 entries to date, a record for this far ahead of the event.
PP Ron also advised that at the Pool and Spa Expo next weekend, our BBS icon Chloe McCardel will be trying to set a world record by swimming for 16 hours in a standard swim-spa pool starting at midnight on Friday 31st January and finish at 4.00 pm Saturday 1st February at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. The swim will also be transmitted live on her website www.chloemccardel.com .

David reported that the Audit of the Club’s finances has now been completed satisfactorily.

PP Geoffrey tabled some correspondence from the National Breast Cancer Foundation again thanking us for our contribution and affirming their aim to have no deaths from Breast Cancer by 2030. Also a call for Volunteers to assist the Haemophiliac World Congress in May.

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