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Meeting every 1st and 3rd Tues of the month 6.30pm at the Customs House Hotel, 161 Nelson Place, Williamstown

Beacon Vol 27 No60

Important: Next week is a partners and friends night at the Bank Restaurant Yarraville (see below) but Ron Coleman 0411 723 669 needs accurate numbers of attendees by this Friday 11th October. (leave a message)

This week:
President Kevin welcomed our Guest Speakers Josh and Tallia Rodder, PP Henry down from Geelong, and Mario back from Hospital.

He has received a gracious card from Elaine Bird thanking the club for the flowers on 6th October in memorium and also notified that Elaine had accepted our invitation for Honorary Membership.

He has formed a Sub-Committee to work on nominating a President for next year.

PP Jim is also looking at reinstating the Xmas Hamper and associated Pub Crawl.

We are also investigation another Pergola at Floyd Lodge.

PP Doug is taking orders for Xmas Puddings and Cakes (see below)

And Ray Lindner has introduced us to Naked Specs. This organisation in addition to funding cataract operations in Indonesia also supplies Sun Glasses to people, who through blindness, have eye deformity that is often ridiculed. These sun glasses give them more self esteem and confidence. So we wish to help them by giving them all our redundant sun glasses. Please bring your old sunnies to our next meeting at the RYCV on 22nd October.

PP Ron then gave additional information about next week. Of the $30 admission $2 comes back to the Club. Bobby Bright who will be entertaining us on the night, will also be selling his new CD for $20 of which $5 comes back to the Club. This CD will be released to the public next month. It will be an informal night with a Sergeants session plus a raffle.

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