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Beacon Vol27 No.66

This week:
President Kevin Reported on the successful BBQ we held at the Smoking Aces Car Rally last Sunday when . He thanked everyone involved, particularly PP Jim Grouios the organiser. Kevin O’Connor’s 7 Yr old daughter Lily was active in assisting all day . She is shown here with her Dad. Also David and Ross serving snags and onions.
Smoking Aces and Camper Van 004

Smoking Aces and Camper Van 008

President Kevin then welcomed our Guests : Guest Speaker Nicola Rabot and Jim Markovski from The Twentieth Man Fund.

Jim briefed us about the Redskin Basket Ball and Cricket teams coming to Camp Getaway on 29th November for three nights. There will be upwards of 60 Disadvantaged Kids doing a Leadership Program that entails Education, Motivation, Responsibility, Embracing and Empowerment. The Youth Leadership Graduation ceremony will be held at the Footscray Boat Club at 1800 for 1830 on 12th December and our members were invited to attend, Jim also invited us to be on his table at the 20th Man Fund Ashes Breakfast held the following morning. Doug Bews attended, successfully bid for a Merv Hughes cricket bat at auction and donated it to the Redskin’s Cricket Team.

Pink Breakfast: The statement in last weeks’ Beacon that $5000 proceeds of the Breakfast would go to Peter MacCallum Cancer Research was wrong. It has gone to the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research.

Peter Nisbet the Bunnings BBQ Champion is sick and Don Ward has taken over the Champion mantle. A plea was made for more help from members for the Bunnings BBQ Saturday 23rd November which is a big chance to raise lots of money for our Club. If you can help at any stage please let Don know. The current Roster is promulgated below.

0800 to 1100 1100 to 1330 1330 to finish

and clean up
Sandra Prendergast Don Ward
Ross Magor Geoff King David Dumbrell
Ron Coleman Doug Bews Kevin Gunn
Richard McKay Ray Ross Helen Keating
Kevin O’Connor

PP Mick Trezise reminded us about the Camp Getaway weekend Friday 29th to Sunday 1st December, where we will be hosting a group of the Redskins Leadership Group from The Twentieth Man Fund, This requires us to supply and provide meals for around 60 young disadvantaged people while they are taken through a Leadership Program by Jim Markovski and cohorts. It is a good way to get to know these young people and see what they can offer the community. We congregate there on Late Friday afternoon and stay on in accommodation provided until Sunday afternoon, Not everyone needs to stay the full weekend but we need volunteers to make up a Roster.

Please contact Mick with your availability.
Current Volunteers are: Friday and the whole weekend Richard , Don , David and Doug, our Honorary Member Bill Dagg and Andrew if available.

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