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Beacon 7 May


Back to School

night was fun

 ‘School’s out forever!’ – Alice Cooper

 IF you saw Rotarians playing noughts and crosses at the Royal Vic Yacht Club last Tuesday night, you weren’t seeing things.  Hope that you continue reading The Beacon Ed 39

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Beacon 23rd April

Two Kevins in club now


BEGORRAH….and to be sure, to be sure. It’s official. There are two Kevins in the club now.

This follows the induction of Kevin O’ Connor, from the land of the Leprechauns, as a Gellibaby by our president Raimonda (She Who Must Be Obeyed) on Tuesday night.  Continue reading the Beacon Beacon Volume 27 Edition 38

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Beacon 16th April

Avast there, ye lubbers!


‘Sixteen men on a dead man’s chest,

Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum’

                   – Treasure Island, Robert Louis-Stevenson

SPLICE the mainbrace. There were more pirates, skulls and crossbones, cutlasses and kids (and Rotarians) than you could poke a rusty sabre at the Royal Victorian Yacht Club last Saturday. Club members are still praising this year’s Pirates’ Day for Challenge – and young children with cancer – as our best yet.

To read the full version of the Beacon click hereBeacon Volume 27 Edition 37

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Beacon 9th April

THE Shakers and Movers of Point Gellibrand Rotary were put through a gruelling Five-Way Test on Tuesday night…and most of us failed, miserably. Whose idea was it anyway, for such an intense session of Zumba (aerobic dancing) without a paramedic in attendance?


For the full beacon click here Beacon Volume 27 Bulletin No 36

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Beacon 2nd April 2013

A cold slow start to April – a bit close to Easter for some; SONY DSCbut time for reflection on our activities over the recent past – the great success of The Willi Ball, where we had the best result to date with the funds pledged to the E.J. Whitten Foundation in aid of Prostate Cancer Awareness.  The camaraderie of Bunnings Barbeque on Easter Monday and despite late changes with our speaker for the evening the Gellibabies were in good form once more.

For the full Beacon Click Here Beacon Volume 27 Bulletin No 35 

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Beacon 19th March 2013

This week had a rip-roaring start as Ray proposed the longest Toast ever, Raimonda and Archieinforming us about the District Conference and how he was impressed by our District’s World Peace Ambassador Tania Miletic.  Then it was over to President Raimonda who welcomed Guests, District Governor Nominee Murray Verso and Speaker Archie Cowan. She had been present at the Hobson’s Bay Library’s Summer Writing Festival, sponsored by our club and was pleased that this year there were entries from 160 children compared to only 20 last year.

To read the full Beacon Click Here Beacon Volume 27 Bulletin No 34

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Beacon 5th March 2013

After the success of the 2013 Big Bay Swim a rest would have been good but IMG_9585we are the Gellibabies and we were into it again the following weekend entertaining a dozen or so members of the DUC club (Dad’s Ultimate Challenge) an offshoot of Challenge cancer support to enable some respite for dads.  This weekend at the Mathoura property of PP Richard and Anne McKay supported by a group of Gellibabies and friends gave these dads a chill out weekend of fun and time for reflection.  (More later)

And we have two guest speakers and several guests with us this week as well as saying farewell to our home of 18 years at the RVMYC before we decamp to the RYCV – just remember it’s at 120 Nelson Place next week – next to the cop shop!!

To Read the full Beacon Click Here Beacon Volume 27 Bulletin No 32

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Beacon 26th February 2013

THE Gellibabies did it again with the best861303_539313246101687_1796632202_o ever Jalna Big Bay Swim and thanks to all our sponsors, supporters, swimmers, volunteers and market traders we created the happy swim that was blessed by the best weather conditions seen in many years.  Now we can relax and take stock so that next year we can do it all again but BETTER!!

Thanks to Capt Chaos and his team for the time and patience that they put into the organisation to; Sam, Ross, Ron, Ronnie, Faye, John, Andrew, Mario, Raimonda, Dave, Tim and H, a job well done!!  To all the Gellibabies who spent time effort and Commitment – without you we couldn’t even think about the event nor could we all have had such a good day last Sunday 24th Feb.

From the smooth start at Sandridge Beach – even the water was still! To the course marker buoys and boats across the water the lifesavers on boards, skis and rubber duckies to the timed finish at Pelicans Landing where the reception was just magnificent.

To read the full Beacon Click here Beacon Volume 27 Bulletin No 31

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Beacon 19th February 2013

Are we READY?? For – THE Big Bay Swim???chloe-slider


 This Sunday 24th Feb the gun fires at 9-00AM – but work commences                                –           NOW and at 7-00AM on THE Day.

Capt Chaos (PP Richard McKay) and The Maltese Falcon (Mario Vella) are on the case to help area managers make sure we continue to ensure that we have a smooth event with no risk where all involved can have a brilliant day. 

Currently applications are in excess of 180 a record with the electronic enrolment due to be switched off at close of business on Friday.  Late entries can still be processed on the day but hopefully not too many.

Go Chloe Go!!

To Read the Full Beacon Click Here Beacon Volume 27 Bulletin No 30a

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Beacon 12th February 2013

The Gellibabies are into planning this week so that the Jenny Anderson Trvor Pang and RaimondaWork Experience Program with Williamstown High School set for July will have better traction than last year’s last minute attempts. To this end we were given the best information possible from Jenny Anderson from Williamstown High School and Trevor Pang from the Rotary Club of Richmond the District Vocational Committee on Education and Youth committee member. 

To read the full Beacon Click Here Beacon Volume 27 Bulletin No 29

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